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ELEMENTS is looking for 'like minded' professionals to be part of the Elements Network as either:


  • a Supplier (typically this would include companies that would supply specialized equipment, products, waste disposal/treatment facilities, heavy equipment, etc.

  • a Professional Associate (includes independent professionals or companies that would prefer to supply consulting resources on a project by project basis)

  • a Partner (this would include a formal partnership with other companies or EHS professionals usually on a project to project basis).

  • a Owner (pertains to exceptional like minded individuals who wish to particpate in Elements as either an owner or employee).


If you share a similar vision to ourselves and are not inclined to the old fashioned bureaucratic and traditional ways of offering environmental and safety services, please feel free to contact us for more information. We look forward to working with intelligent people who are serious about protecting the environment and the health and safety of the people we work with.

Get in touch with ELEMENTS!                                 403 519-9177 or 403 547-2049

Please contact us at your convenience and we would be delighted to show you what we have accomplished in the past and what we can do for you.  Free, no obligation cost estimates and demonstrations of our services and products for most projects.

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