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About us


ELEMENTS is a 100% leading Canadian owned and operated environment and safety services consulting company, with headquarters in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


Our ELEMENTS principals and associates are perhaps one of the most experienced teams you can find that possess unique abilities to take everything we have learned and find a solution to the age old question...

'Isn't there a better way to do this?'


Our innovative thinking has led to a number of best managment practices for mitigating effects during construction and operations. Some of our pioneering work with Species at Risk have become standards. When we develop these solutions, we insist they be practical and meet the objective to minimize effects while being easily implemented within an organization's management processes.


We have another side, known for enjoying and photographing a great sunrise or sunset over the prairies or for safely slowing traffic so a snake or a turtle can make that trek across a road and even on one occasion discovering and relocating hundreds of young emergent toads out of harms way as equipment was bearing down on their location.


The high quality skills, expertise and attributes our team provides includes:

  • Understanding risk and business practices exceptionally well to do acquisition and divestiture ESA's, 

  • How to plan and implement effective audits,

  • The interconnectivity between wildlife, water and vegetation for management programs;

  • Implementing and managing successful  monitoring and inspection processes;

  • Understanding and assisting in environmental and safety management systems processes;

  • Core disciplines like; engineering, fisheries, wildlife, occupational health and safety, stakeholder consultation, restoration and reclamation, regulatory compliance, engaging training, traditional land use and contaminant/waste management.


ELEMENTS has provided services and conducted work across Canada as well as in the USA, Brazil, China and the Middle East.  Through our network of independent professionals, with local knowledge, we are able to provide environmental and safety services, big or small, to many areas.

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