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Even though Elements is a small company it does not limit or restrict the scope of our operations and services.  Being small helps us keep overhead costs to a bare minimum, eliminates bureaucracy and allows us to provide our clients with the  very best local talent to help solve their issues and to operate safely in a sustainable manner that minimizes any adverse impact to the environment. 


Why anyone would want to throw their money and good reputation away and be satisfied with poor results time after time, defies logic and common sense.  After 17 years in operation, Elements has consistently delivered 'proven' cost effective solutions and useful results to our clients. 


                         A sample of some of our work and services...

Environmentally Sustainable and Compliant Operations

ELEMENTS provides environment and safety solutions to our clients that promotes sustainability and compliance with both company policies and standards as well as regulatory requirements. Besides our extensive team of environment and safety specialists, the two principals of the company have over 60 years of combined experience and knowledge on resolving environment and safety issues for oil, gas and energy corporations.

Environment Operations Manuals, Guides and Training
Environment & Safety Assessments, Audits & Inspections

ELEMENTS has conducted environmental assessments for oil, gas and power companies that include due diligence acquisition assessments, Phase I and II ESAs, Environmental and Social Economics Impact Assessments, Right-of-Way Vegetation Assessments, Environment/Safety Audits, Speciality Contamination Assessments, Wildlife Assessments and much more.  Contact us for specific details.

Expert Consultation Oil, Gas and Power Developments and Operations
  • Planning a project, small or very large?

  • Are you unclear on the implications of Traditional Land Use?

  • Do you need expert advice on compliance with a multitude of environmental acts and regulations?

  • What about Species at Risk? 

  • How about consultation with the public and special interest groups...especially before they chain themselves to your front door?

  • Are your existing operations fully compliant to your own standards as well as regulatory requirements?

  • Are you unsatisfied with your current environment and safety services providers?



ELEMENTS has developed:

  • over 75 Environment Operations Manuals for gas compressor stations and several hundred environmental summary sheets for metering stations;

  • over 20 Environment Training Modules and Guides;

  • over 60 environmental operating procedures, environmental protection programs and environmental standards for energy corporations

  • custom international environmental training programs

  • custom Site Specific Safety Plans

  • custom Environment and Safety Management Plans

Maybe it is time to contact Elements?

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